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Search For Disabled Access In Your Town or City

A complete directory of disabled access in your region for service providers, shopping & retail,  restaurants, lounge bars, museums and lots more.

Are Your Doors Open For Business?

View Open Doors UK  is a website dedicated to giving people with disabilities useful information on where they can safely and comfortably Shop, Stay and Eat etc.

Over the past 15 years our parent company have carried out Access Audits for businesses throughout the UK.

If you would like to include your business in this directory, please give us details of any Access Audits which have already been carried out.

If you are a new business, or have still to obtain an audit, we would be delighted to arrange either a Full Access Audit,  or a Walk-through Audit by our fully-trained regional Auditors.

Let’s try and get all Service Providers to have their business Open for all People with Disabilities.

View Open Doors is the website for disabled people throughout the UK – are your doors open for business?